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Waitresses: Choosing Shoes Mistake

As a waiter, you are on your feet for more than 8 hours a day. You are constantly active and go from table to table, to the kitchen, the bar, the till, and the entrance. United States Bohemian style Shoes and BootsEven listing your activities is exhausting. It’s a tough job and it demands everything from your feet. Sometimes you can feel the foot pain and muscle cramps long after the end of the shift. If you have to work more than two days in a row, you are guaranteed to be in severe pain. Unless, of course, you invest in comfortable United States Bohemian style Shoes and Boots made specifically for your job.

Most common mistakes made by waiters looking for comfortable United States Bohemian style Shoes and Boots

Cleaning your shoes does not occur to you

Simply cleaning your shoes should be an evaluation criterion for your shoes. Spilt water, oil, drinks, and food debris will pollute the floor and your shoes. You need to look professional and chic all day. This often means throwing your shoes in the washer and dryer in the evening but that’s not a long-term solution. You need shoes that are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

A fashionable appearance is more important than safety

There are numerous dangers every day for service staff. Think about the injuries you could suffer and how you can prevent them. Many waiters do not consider this aspect at all when looking for comfortable shoes. In reality, however, this is the most important criterion that you should be aware of. Slipping, falling and tripping accidents are among the most common occupational accidents. As a waiter, you are even more at risk from frequent spills of liquids.

Think how long a cheap pair of shoes will last

Most people don’t think about shoe durability – the length of time your shoes are in good condition. The shoes are comfortable. However, they did not design most of the shoes you buy in shoe stores to be walked and used for 8 hours serving food and drinks. These shoes break quickly. The sole often comes off after a few weeks. Shoes for long-term use and last a long time are a very good investment.