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Food Trucks : Know the Challenges of Running This Business

The pandemic of 2020 saw the food truck business evolving into a highly profitable food and drinks retail sector seen as safer alternatives to restaurants. The popularity of food trucks has in fact set a record of $1.1 billion market value in the year 2022 in the US alone.That being the case, it doesn’t come as a surprise why many are interested in joining the food truck bandwagon.

Yet preliminary research conducted by some of those interested to enter today’s food truck industry, revealed challenges that many did not expect.

Some Major Challenges Faced by Food Truck Operators

Food trucks present flexibility since operation of the business can shift to different locations where more customers are available. However, the operator needs to factor in not just the start-up costs but also the essential expenses in running a food service business, This denotes the need to be liquid to be able to pay for the needed goods and merchandise inventory, the cost of labor and cost of fuel.

Transferring to another location requires obtaining local permits and heeding local and and state laws. There is also the marketing aspect to promote one’s business when transferring to a new location.

A food truck operator must also plan for contingencies, especially in relation to automotive problems. After all, running into truck troubles can cause the business to stop or be stranded without the capacity to operate as a food business. Registering as a member of a towing company is an excellent way of proactively addressing food truck troubles.

A standing request for the towing company to send a “truck towing near me” is the best way to get the automotive issues fixed at the soonest time possible. Still, one has to bear in mind that the rate of depreciation of a food truck can be higher while its useful life becomes shorter.

This is also why maintenance and upgrades are important expenses that could eat into the profitability of this type of food retail business. Remember, a truck that gets to record more mileage, can reduce the resale value of the vehicle.

Nevertheless, hitting the right formula in keeping the sales and costs at profitable levels, is the best way to attain the benefits of running a food truck business.

Advantages of Running a Food Truck Business

A food truck usually uses a single unit, denoting that unlike a food trailer, the cooking and selling areas are not being towed by another vehicle.

It also denotes that the size of the vehicle can fit easily in streets, parks or event locations.

A compact size food truck usually contains fewer and easy to clean appliances, As opposed to restaurants, it makes working in a food truck environment less stressful and not so tedious.

Mobility is another factor that makes modern food trucks appealing for workers and customers alike. A great way to enhance a change of venue is to change the food truck menu. New products found in a stop-and-go food service will encourage customers to try out the fresh menu items before the business transfers to another location.