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Best Food To Take Away In A Camper

When you are on vacation, you prefer not to spend too much time cooking and spend that time enjoying the place, your loved ones, or simply resting.

Foods that cook or heat up in less than 10 minutes

Dishes with pasta: If you bring the sauce and the sauce is already cooked in a container, all you have to do is boil the pasta, heat it up a bit, and add it.

Burgers: You can take them already cooked with onion, garlic, and tomato. In your camper rental with air conditioning, it is enough to heat them and eat them with bread.

Lasagna: A classic that you can take prepared and frozen from home. Sometimes it is even tastier after heating it up than freshly made.

Cans of preserves: They all heat up in just a few minutes, just season them to your liking to have a ready and highly nutritious meal in just a few minutes.

Packaged pre-cooked meals: Many of them only need you to add boiling water or heat them, so they are extremely practical. Some don’t even need a fridge, so you gain space for other meals.


Essential foods to take in a camper

The following foods are essential in any camper trip, either because they can be eaten without cooking or because they can be combined or part of other recipes. In addition, with them, you can cover a large part of your nutritional needs.

Fruits and vegetables: 3 servings of fruit and 2 vegetables per person per day, is the most common recommendation of the health authorities.

Coffee or tea: Quick to prepare and very practical because you can enjoy them hot or with ice during the summer.

Pan: Store it at room temperature in a paper or cloth bag, in a dry place without light. In this way, quality bread lasts longer without becoming hard.

Eggs: Boiling or frying an egg only takes a few minutes and is an especially nutritious and practical food.

Oil and salt: In almost any type of food, you are going to use oil and salt, so make sure you have them in your camper.

Pasta: Boiling pasta is fast and just add mackerel or tuna and some vegetables to prepare a pasta salad ready in just a few minutes.

Onions and potatoes: They are a good complement to almost any meal since they can be cooked in many ways.

Correctly planning take-out meals in the camper will save you time cooking and washing up. It will prevent you from overheating the interior of the vehicle more than necessary and it will reduce odors from cooking.