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Proper Restaurant Behavior to Practice

Being polite and courteous is important at all times, but there are certain situations where it’s especially important. When we’re out to eat we tend to focus on the food and the company we’re with. It can be easy to forget that we’re in a public place and that other people may be watching our every move. So, here’s how you can stay cool, calm, and collected when dining out – and avoid any awkward moments.

Don’t Chew with Your Mouth Open

Eating on Twitch

Eating with your mouth open is never a good idea. This practice is just one of many that can be embarrassing and unattractive. In order to avoid this, try not to talk with your mouth full, slurp down your food, or eat too quickly.

To avoid any unwanted messes, make sure you don’t let your fork or spoon touch the table while you’re still eating. Also avoid taking large bites from the plate and wiping your face with the napkins that are provided at the table.

Be a Gracious Tipper

Tipping is a way of giving thanks to the person who provides service. It’s also a gesture that says you recognize the hard work of others. If you’re unsure on how much to tip, here are some general guidelines for tipping in America.

It’s customary to tip a server 15-20% of your bill amount and leave cash rather than a credit card receipt. While this rule is followed more often than not, there may be certain circumstances where you can leave no tip or leave less than 15%. For instance, if the service was substandard, it would be appropriate to leave no tip or even less than 5% of the bill amount. When it comes to gratuity on large parties, it’s typically expected that each person should have at least left 15% with the party leader having left 20%.

Also, don’t forget to give your server their tip as soon as they’ve finished serving you!