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Essential Cooking Tools Maintenance

Probably the most crucial item in your business is your culinary equipment. A single mishap may derail a crowded dinner service. A house fire, on the other hand, may keep you out of commission for days, if not weeks. The following elements are generally the most crucial regular maintenance needs in the kitchen to keep your equipment – and your company – working. You may need high-quality tools like best budget cordless drill under £50.

1. Cleansing the vent hood and ducts

The vent hood and duct should be cleaned by a skilled professional at least once every six months to eliminate grease that has built up from grease-laden fumes. A qualified hood cleaning provider must perform this service. This service may need to be done more regularly, but most commercial kitchens need it at least once every six months. The crew may wipe off the exposed areas of the hood between service dates to help maintain it clean on the exterior.

2. Cleaning the grease filter

Grease filters catch grease when grease-laden vapors rise into the hood, limiting the quantity of grease that enters the duct directly. While this is beneficial in terms of extending the duration between duct cleanings, it does need the cleaning of grease filters on a regular basis.

The most usual grease filter cleaning frequency is once per week, however if you cook with a lot of grease, you would need to do it more often. Several businesses clean their filters every night, which is a great method to lessen the chance of a fire.

3. Inspect the deep fat fryer

In most professional kitchens, a deep fat frying is among the most dangerous fire dangers. The manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning the deep fat fryer should be followed, including regular cleaning of the inside of the cabinet by your employees. After the fryer unit has been in operation for five years, it should be examined by a trained industrial cooking equipment contractor at least once every year.