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Must-Try Game Foods

Everyone is a gamer by heart. Playing video games bring out the best in us and even the characters are bounded to the digital world, it is more than enough to take us to wonderful adventures no one would have ever thought.

There are times that the game seems so real just like F95 Zone that makes us think to be part of it. More so when it comes to foods that our game avatars are eating. Perhaps, you have your favorite game titles and foods in it that you would like to give a try. Let’s delve into some of it and see why gamers and commoners are jumping to get a taste of it.

Big Malasada from Pokémon Sun and Moon

The Big Malasada is more like a doughnut but totally healthy. It is great not only for the Pokémons but for people too. It can also have different types of filling which some may be sweet and some can be spicy. The dish is so tasty that a lot of people are wishing that there is a real recipe for this fried, healthy delight.

“Missing Vella” cupcake from Broken Age 

For those who do not know yet, Broken Age is a brand new game that has shot to popularity so fast. Partly because of the incredible art and graphics involved in it. The picture does not do justice to the game but even so, the cupcake is made with great detail.

It is made by the lineage of professional bakers to be able to help find their kid using special red frosting which will be Vella’s favorite.

Butterscotch Pie from Undertale

Undertale is one of the most popular games nowadays, which is on top of the awesome story, the intriguing foods too. The Butterscotch Pie was made via a caring goat-mom who only likes players to be safe. Not only that, butterscotch is one of the irresistible flavors people loved.

You may be thinking that these are only fictional foods that exist in a digital world. However, with a bit of creativity and taste test too, it is possible to recreate these foods.