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Visualization Ideas for Food Slides

The placeholders with list function in PowerPoint are something wonderful. They allow presenters to throw their speech manuscripts on the wall without feeling bad. After all, the google powerpoint slides do not contain running text but follow the staccato of bullet points.

Find an image for the entire food and drink list slides

Some lists can be transferred to a picture in their entirety. In the case of abstract content, this will always be a metaphor. The advantage of such a visualization is that it is very easy to remember.  The abstract becomes more tangible through the image especially for food and drinks slides.

Relate the food and drink list items to each other

Often lists on PowerPoint slides do not just contain a loose sequence of terms or content. Instead, the individual items in the list refer to one another, reveal structures or even describe them.

Combine the food and drink list items slide with icons

Another visualization strategy is suitable for lists with relatively little text: the combination of list items with icons. What sounds simple can become a challenge in practice, because experience has shown that at least one item in the list tends to step out of line and make it difficult to find a picture idea.

Dedicate an entire slide to food and drink list items

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The strategies mentioned so far may work well for lists with little text, but what do you do if the list items have multiple lines and cannot be reduced to a single keyword? This is not an uncommon case. Many PowerPoint users almost love to collect everything in a list that they want to say on a topic, ideally in whole sentences. If you catch yourself doing it, quickly copy the list into the notes area of ​​the slide, reminding yourself that you don’t want to create a lecture manuscript or handout. It’s about presentation slides that should visually accompany your presentation.

Put the food and drink list items slide in a different shape

If it is not possible to visualize the contents of the list items, you can consider putting the list as such in a different form. In contrast to point 1 above, you do not have to look for an overall picture for the list. All you have to do is to pay attention to a presentation for the items in the list that matches the contents of the list.