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Eating Healthier through Social Media


Influencers instead of cookbooks: More and more people are looking for recipes on social media.

“What are you cooking today?” When it comes to this everyday question, Instagram, Pinterest, Co photos, and this Reddit guide, more and more people are inspired by it. British scientists have studied with amazing results how this affects our eating behavior!


Posting in Healthy Recipes Promotes a Healthy Eating

For many people, nutrition is now an expression of their lifestyle. However, sharing pictures of healthy food and light meals on social media can also affect the diet of others. According to a study by Aston University in Birmingham, England, people who see pictures of healthy foods and drinks, eat healthier themselves. According to the researchers, this is especially true if the images or the photos and recipes posted have a lot of likes or even positive comments by people.

“What others consume and post can have a direct impact on our eating habits.”

“The results of the study show that people not only the visibility of healthy foods but also the confirmation of their tastes. It shows that people will eat healthy, less nutritious foods, “Research Director in a press release from the University and Lily Hawkins, a doctor of philosophy student in Aston Psychology. “What others consume and post can directly affect our eating habits and lead us to eat healthier meals and snacks.”

One reason could be “that the thought of others liking and eating fruits and vegetables led participants to change their behavior to adapt to what they perceive to be the norm,” Hawkins continued.

Images of healthy eating and foods make you want to eat healthily

Accordingly, the results suggest that social media can be a good motivator for a healthy diet: If we follow the popular accounts that show tasty, appealing, and healthy food options, we are more likely to go to a healthier and to be in good shape, more nutritious ones ourselves in the supermarket or discount store Grab food.

So if you haven`t eaten anything healthy today: give it a try. It is worth a try.